Innovative ideas to transform your training

I’ll work with you to develop training that’ll get everyone talking. And smiling. And remembering for all the right reasons.

Every single training slot, course or workshop can be interesting, informative – and fun. A tall order? I promise I’ll deliver – I work to a tried-and-tested recipe that combines audience research, a dash of creative thinking and a generous helping of experience of what works in practice. You’ll get plenty of ideas to bring your training to life, making it relevant, interactive and engaging, even with a tough subject – or tougher audience.

No two courses are the same. I understand the power of customisation and will make sure that each and every programme is meaningful and memorable, from start to finish.

What I can do for you

• Capture your drivers, expectations and challenges

• Research your audience

• Analyse your competitors

• Create new courses

• Review or refresh existing training programmes

• Develop engagement tools

• Pilot and test new or refreshed training

• Develop a launch and marketing strategy for your training

• Represent your brand or present your new product at a launch event

Have a look at what I’ve done before.